In this article, we propose an integrated workflow for reconciling multiple 3D seismic surveys with production, petrophysical and core data, while honoring the scales of each measurement. The methodology results in a flow model, which is consistent with each of the measurements. The proposed methodology overcomes the limitations encountered by many existing techniques with regards to vertical resolution, time-to-depth conversion and the relationship between seismic response and reservoir properties. The result of the petrophysical seismic inversion is a fine-scale shared earth model in depth that is consistent with both log and seismic data and can be used for reservoir performance prediction. The execution of the workflow resulted in no pore volume or transmissibility multipliers and no numerical aquifers to achieve a history match. Multiple model scenarios can be tested by altering the underlying a priori geologic stratigraphic framework and/or initial reservoir property assignments. Each scenario will meet the criterion of fitting all the data, seismic, well, and production, at all scales.


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