Regional play evaluation demands the integration of large volumes of data and information from a wide variety of sources, including wells, seismic, facies maps, structure maps and the results of basin modelling. Historically a task for an experienced explorer and a light table, the advent of geographical information systems (GIS) allows greater efficiencies and some automation of workflows, but still does not offer complete integration of data, applications and products. Furthermore, these data must lie in their wider geographical and stratigraphic context, thus requiring a regional Earth Model. We present here a 3D Shared Earth Model of the Arabian Plate in Petrel 2011*, and demonstrate its use for regional play evaluation. With an example from the Khuff gas play of eastern Arabia, we show how modern 3D workflows offer advantages to previous GIS-based techniques, and emphasize the greater efficiencies which can be realised through strong integration of all data and their interpretations within the final assessment. *A mark of Schlumberger


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