The historic record on local seismicity of engineering significance is practically nonexistent; however, the unique structural typology emerging rapidly in the region, represented by worldwide unique typology of tall, ultra tall and signature buildings, is calling on particular attention. In particular critical might be their behavior when exposed to strong seismic action from neighboring high energy seismic sources, their intrinsic potential of causing significant and psychologically unacceptable discomfort, even panic, of occupants and businesses, including potential adverse effects’ on their seismic stability, structural integrity and seismic safety. The Project, endeavored in creating Abu Dhabi System for Seismic Risk Monitoring and Management, is primarily focused on seismicity sector and shall meet seismic safety community goals by assuring consistent, technically sound and economically justified policies in the domain of: - Prevention, Regional and Development Planning (National, Emirate scale) - Urban Planning and Land Development (Municipal, City of Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and designated urban areas in Western Region Municipality /WRM/ scale) - Mitigation, Emergency Preparedness and Response (Municipal, City of Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and designated urban areas in WRM scale) - Engineering and Development (City of Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and designated urban areas in WRM scale) - Promotion of Risk Prevention and Public Safety Culture (National, Emirate scale) Such strategic orientations are made possible by recent worldwide advances in seismic monitoring instrumentation, real-time computational and data transmission and communication technology, as well as the data accumulated, databases developed and established GIS systems for monitoring and management of urbanization processes and governance in major urban areas of Abu Dhabi Emirate.


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