The Oman Mountains as well as the Zagros Mountains expose a segment of Neo-Tethyan southern margin. We will review the 13C and 18O isotope curves in various sections from shallow- to deep-water facies zones for the Upper Permian–Lower Triassic carbonate sequences from Oman and show some preliminary results from Zagros. The shallow-water environment was measured in the Al Jabal al-Akhdar Mountains (Wadi Sathan section), the Saih Hatat (Wadi Sawat) and the Musandam (Wadi Shahha), and the slope carbonates of the platform margin in the Sumeini area (Wadi Maqam). Deep-water deposits from the basinal sector of the margin were studied in the Hawasina Nappes (Wadi Wasit South, Wadi Musjah and Buday’ah) and the Bata’in complex (Sal). Drowned carbonate platform (Oman Exotics) and tilted blocs of the platform have also been studied (Ba’id and Wadi Wasit block).


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