Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) has become a popular catch phrase, both in scientific arena as well as on the political discussion. India, a country with a rapidly growing economy, where rise in economic growth goes hand in hand with an increase in energy demand which is currently met, as in many evolving economies, by fossil fuels. This ultimately leads to increase in GHG emissions. With the imminent threat of anthropogenic climate change in the coming decades, helping to control India's emissions will have to be a global priority. CCS has pivotal role in curbing India's emissions in the future, given its reliance on coal power and the large coal reserves. The main objective of this paper is to increase the understanding of the opportunities, issues and obstacles amongst the stakeholders in India. To achieve this objective, we analyzed economic and institutional factors which encapsulate Indian power sector, challenges associated with the implementation, uncertainties linked with potential Co2 sources and sinks in India, needs and requirements for the future potential implementation of CCS in India. We have concluded our paper with relevant recommendations for the International Climate and CCS community to make conditions conducive for CCS in India.


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