West Kozhagali – Eskene 2D seismic acquisition is an onshore work, performed by agip kco geosciences team in Kazakhstan. This is the example of successful collaboration with local contractor and clear evidence that RoK companies can contributed to such a complex project as Kashagan field development. The scope of work is to determine the suitability of intra salt-domes basins, Neocomian, Bathonian, Bajocian deep water-bearing horizons for Onshore Plant wastewater injection. The seismic acquisition started in January and shall progress until the end of the 2011. The data is acquired by Kazakhstani contractor SIF Dank LLP through its seismic party located in the area of operations. The subsequent data processing and interpretation steps, which will allow to map and evaluate the possibility of injecting wastewaters into sedimentary reservoir beds, will be carried out by PGD Services in Almaty.


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