The study concerns the investigation of the benefits of the horizontal particle displacement component for the seismic velocity parameters imagery using the Full waveform inversion method. A geological consistent model has been firstly numerically modeled. A comparison of the FWI inversion results using either the vertical component measurements or the horizontal component shows that the two components provide complementary information to recover the P wave velocity parameters even if the benefits are less visible for transversal wave velocity. Furthermore, a novel laser interferometric measurement process allowing to measure simultaneously the vertical and horizontal components has been implemented in a reduced physical scale measurement bench previously designed to validate experimentally seismic inversion strategies with a great accuracy: the laser interferometer records the seismic particular displacement, the source is a 100 KHz piezoelectric sensor, the minimum incremental displacement of the sensors is 100 µm with an accuracy of 10 µm. Experimental measurement on the same geological consistent model has been conducted and data are compared to numerical ones. The results show a great accordance between numerical and experimental signals concerning both of the components and suggest that this new measurement method can be applied to a whole experimental campaign at reduced scale.


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