This interactive seminar will provide a field data set for working in small teams. The work will build on the morning workshop presentations from experts in their respective fields – geological modelling, petrophysics, geophysics and petroleum engineering. These experts together with the above convenors will endeavour to lead the participants through the exercise – doubtless ensuring that each team will lead to different outcomes. The teams will compare the results with previously worked up models. In this way, insights into the various interpretations and various interpretation methods can be made. The objective of the work will be to focus on a typical oil field business decision - e.g. to identify the optimum infill well drilling location(s). A presentation on some of the real challenges within the field will be presented at the conclusion of the workshop. Through this session and the contributions of the morning sessions – it is intended that the cross-disciplinary understanding of all participants will benefit from the workshop. The EAGE/SPE AGORA principles are that all technical voices are heard democratically – much in the spirit of the original Athens AGORA – before reaching the appropriate decisions.


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