For many years many technical data users in the E&P industry have held the view that data was something the Data Management Departments should take care of, "just" ensuring that all the necessary data were in the right place, in the right format at the right time. Alternatively some users held the view that the data was theirs to store and use in the formats and places they chose. It is now generally accepted, at least in the G&G user environment, that data-quality and data-availability is a shared responsibility between the users and data management professionals. Breaking down the professional silos and realizing that the same data are needed many times in the E&P value chain has also put focus on agreed standards and quality assurance. In order to promote this shared responsibility and ensure compliance a Data Ownership Model has been introduced and agreed upon in DONG E&P. The Data Ownership Model clarifies and formalizes the "ownerships" and responsibilities for the data standards and the data management processes throughout the data life cycle and hence help to maintain the integrity and quality of DONG E&P's data assets. The presentation presents the Data Ownership Model and discusses the process through which it has been developed; agreed between management, users and data management; and implemented in the organization.


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