The diggability of soil materials is essential in urban sewage network development. This can be estimated using seismic methods. In this case study, the seismic tomography method was utilized in Mochos, Heraklio, Greece for the determination of P-wave velocity (Vp) at sallow depths. The seismic survey aimed to the estimation of rock percentage distribution using Vp from seismic sections. The seismic profiles covered a surveyed area of about 3.2 ha in order to map the distribution of average Vp and rock percentage at different depths. The surficial (0 – 2 m) formations consists of more than 83% of carbonate solid rock, which is present just under the street pavements in the 41% of the surveyed area. This indicated that hydraulic excavator is not suitable for the construction of sewage network and hydraulic hammer usage is recommended.


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