Vertical electrical soundings were used to delineate the different subsurface geoelectric layers, aquifer units and their characteristic, the subsurface structure and its influence on the general hydrogeophysical investigation in the study area. In this study, the groundwater potential and protective capacity evaluation of the sediment units in the Aman Abad area was undertaken using 156 Schlumberger vertical electrical soundings. The computer assisted sounding interpretation revealed subsurface formation composing different alluvial. The results showed that alluvial with the higher content clay could lower the groundwater yields. The characteristic geoelectrical parameters of the delineated aquifer at each sounding station were used to produce the groundwater potential map of the area. The groundwater potential rating of the area is considered generally high except in the north part of the area. Results of the study also revealed that most parts of the area are underlain by materials of moderate to good protective capacity. Most of these parts coincide with zones of appreciable overburden thickness with medium or coarse grain size materials. The results also provided valuable information such as boundary indication between salt and fresh water and also salt and fresh water deploy in the area.


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