Development the mineral base of Russia in modern conditions of personnel deficiency is complicated without an effective utilization of computer technologies. Within the framework of separate tasks of the project it is developed methodical, mathematical and the software for realization the metallogenic analysis of territory. The variant of computer expert system and the ‐ GIS‐PROJECT of the forecasting‐metallogenic maps is created. GIS consists of three various databases ore deposits and displays, adhered to a geographical cartographical basis of scale 1:2 500 000. The GIS‐PROJECT is added 11 geological and metallogical maps and circuits. The greatest practical interest the information represents made as a result of work offered expert metallogenic systems. Work of system is claimed as the tool allowing operatively estimating prospect of concrete object. In this plan potential consumers of development can be territorial geological agencies, the prospecting organizations and mining companies. This system as the trainee, undoubtedly, will be claimed by teachers and students of geological faculties.


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