In 2007 Australian Cooperative Research Centre for Greenhouse Gas Technologies (CO2CRC) started a project to evaluate the available technology for monitoring the movement of CO2 in an underground reservoir. In stage one of this project CO2 and methane are being produced in a nearby well, then the CO2/CH4 is being injected back down a second well into a depleted gas sand. The movement of the CO2 up-dip needs to be remotely monitored. One of the technologies being evaluated to monitor the movement of the CO2 is 3D VSP. The CRC-1 injector well is instrumented with 10 3C downhole accelerometers. A baseline 3D VSP survey was shot around this well in late 2007 and was followed by a repeat survey in 2010. We hope to monitor the movement of CO2 around the CRC-1 well by observing changes in the time-lapse signature.


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