Unnamed clastics at the base of Burgan offer a hitherto un-explored hydrocarbon play in onshore Kuwait. It is a sub-unconformity play and comprise a composite sequence with three systems tracts upwards, namely; transgressive, highstand and followed by another transgressive package. Thickness of whole package varies between 10 and 145’ (generally between 37’to 60’, net pay 40’). Sand bodies in the transgressive system tracts are discontinuous laterally and vertically and that of the highstand system tracts are fairly continuous sheets and shale-out in the distal settings. Thin channel sand bodies of lower transgressive and highstand units entrap oil whenever upper transgressive unit provides effective top seal. The effectiveness of the top seal depends on the vertical limits of incision by overlying lowstand Burgan clastics. The trapping is controlled by both stratigraphic and structural components.


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