Diagenetic modification of the Albian-Turonian in the Middle East is complex and multiphase, and has provided a critical control on reservoir quality. This paper presents a summary of this diagenetic overprint, gathered from published case studies from across the region. The most important diagenetic events comprise marine cementation, along discontinuities and overprinting bioturbation, incipient karst formation at intraformational sequence boundaries and deep cutting karst at the late Cenomanian/early Turonian unconformity. Finally, leaching of micrite and early diagenetic cements has often created large volumes of secondary micro- and macroporosity. This leaching could have taken place from meteoric pore waters or deep burial brines. This paper will assess the relative importance of these key in order to provide the basis of a predictive regional diagenetic model for the Albian-Turonian of the Middle East.


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