The Upper Famenian – Lower Visean Kamsko-Kinel Troughs System control numerous oil fields within the Volga-Urals province.Due to high degree of exploration mature these throughs are considered to be of little promise for prospecting additional remarkable oil reserves. By modern 3D seismic surveys Upper Devonian pinnacle reefs were located along inner part of the Mukhanovo-Erokhov through southern margin. Reef small sizes (0.2-0.3 km2) and considerable depth occurence (more then 3.0 km) were the causesor their missing by seismic 2D before. Upper Devonian basinal isolated reefs are significant exploration play for oil and gas within Kamsko-Kinel Throughs System. 3D seismic is an exclusive technique for effective mapping of small-sized and deep-seated oil&gas bearing isolated reefs. Tectonic swells are foremost areas for prospect reefs groops


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