The report is prepared on the example of the sedimentary basins of the Pacific margin Russian sector; the most part of them is located in the offshore (Tatar strait, the Sea of Okhotsk, the Bering Sea). Factual material is represented by seismic survey and drilling data and also the data of observations by the sections of a sedimentary cover in outcrops. The basins are filled in Cenozoic deposits; they are characterized by the high velocity of sedimentation and a dislocated sedimentary cover. It determined the specificity of a sequence analysis. Sedimentary covers are divided by unconformity surfaces into structural-stratigraphic complexes. The last correspond to transgressive-regressive cycles of duration of 5-25 million years; by a volume they are close to supercycles (cycles of 2-nd order) of a sequence-stratigraphical scale. Sequences (cycles of 3-rd order) are determined only in the separate parts of the section; but their mapping is decisive for paleogeographical reconstructions, reconstituting the sedimentation structure of a sedimentary cover and the arrangement of hydrocarbon systems.


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