There are three speculative petroleum systems in the structure of North-Chukchi sedimentary basin: Ellsmerian, Rift and Brookian, which are confined to regional seismic-stratigraphic complexes. The rock elements of the petroleum systems are predicted on basis of seismic facies analysis. The study of North-Chukchi basin petroleum systems allowed us to define position of the different-aged pods of active source rock and calculate the amount of generated hydrocarbon. So, in the southern slope of the basin the main HC generation is provided by Ellsmerian system pod of active source rock (260-0 million years). In the central part of the basin there is the pod of active source rock of Brookian system (65-0 million years) with 3,5 km oil generation zone. Partial combination of two these systems pods of active source rock significantly increases perspectives of oil-and-gas content of the southern basin slope. HC potential of the North-Chukchi basin approach to 160,3 billion tons, where the contribution of Ellsmerian system is 43,0%, Brookian system is 34,0%, Rift system is 23,0%.


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