Spectral Decomposition is an innovative reservoir imaging and interpretation technology originally developed and commercialized by BP. This tool enhances subtle sedimentary and tectonic features, and also helps to reduce distortions caused by tuning effect or filtration during seismic data processing. The core of this technology is conversion from time domain to frequency-phase domain. Amplitude analysis in frequency domain allows delineation of marginal variations in bed thickness, while the phase spectra indicate lateral geologic discontinuities. The main aim of this work is to find features of the internal structure of a carbonate reservoir which would help to explain the low flow rates (compared to analogue fields) from wells, which were drilled in optimal structural conditions. Using of amplitude screening and other windowed attributes couldn’t delineate clear faults pattern and its direction, showing just ambiguous zones. Spectral decomposition assisted the clarification of the faults pattern and its direction.


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