In the preparation for the 20th concession Round on the Norwegian Shelf, Rocksource ASA made extensive use of a fully integrated dataset including CSEM data. After conventional mapping of c. 300 leads CSEM data were collected over the 40 most promising. Advanced processing and evaluation of the CSEM data were undertaken using the proprietary software and algorithims. The leads that were interpreted to be associated with a hydrocarbon related CSEM anomaly were worked up to prospects and special G&G studies were undertaken. The results of the CSEM evaluation together with the G&G evaluation were used to de-risk and also delineate the prospectivity. Using this approach Rocksource ASA managed to identify prospects with a high commercial value and low risk and was finally awarded three licenses with several CSEM positive prospects of high commercial value. One of these licenses (PL 528) is located on the Nyk High in the Vøring Basin in the Norwegian Sea near the Luva, Haklang and Snefrid discoveries. Within this license several prospects have proven to be CSEM positive.


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