Technique and results of geological section forecasting using genetic inversion, performed in Petrel software complex (Shlumberger) is proposed. This technology helps to perform seismic inversion with minimum prior information. The first stage consists of nonlinear multitrace operator creation using genetic algorithms. This process employs seismic and logging data. Reservoir modeling with the use of seismic inversion results as a trend constitutes the second stage. Radioactivity logging is used for terrigenous section forecasting. It allows for the most complete section petrophysical properties differentiation with shale volume and NTG ratio assessment. Density log data was used in prediction of carbonate deposits section decompaction zones. Studies on this technology, performed in LUKOIL-VolgogradNIPImorneft Ltd. onshore within Volgograd Povolzhie and in the aquatic area of the North Caspian are represented. Here submitted are the results of genetic inversion integral accuracy test results for the field, mostly explored with drilling


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