Due to common efforts of Russian and Chinese specialists an integrated apparatus DDS73F-EMD was designed, which contains modules of multilevel borehole geometry tool and electromagnetic defectoscopy. The tool allows making a detail survey of casing technical state in one round trip, which is important for effective planning of well-workover operations. The detailed image of column inner surface is reconstructed according to the borehole geometry tool data in scanning and 3D image, which is linked to the apsidal plane. Herewith corrosion intervals, holes and pits on casing inner surface as well as buckling zones are fixed. Due to the defectoscope module data corrosion, fractures of any directions, defects of the second from the well axis casing are identified, wall thickness of the inner and the second column on inner and outer column surface is determined. Joint consideration of the result achieved by two different in basic physics methods essentially improves accuracy and definiteness of the interpretation.


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