Authors of the work considered the ability of lithologic structure determination and total and secondary porosity defining on the basis of one of the several oilfields located in the Eastern Siberia. This oilfield is characterized by chemical and biogenic reservoir rocks with porosity of cavity and fractured structure. There are some theoretical backgrounds for porosity structure determination by comparing data of sonic log with formation evaluation methods using for total porosity interpretation. However fracture and cavity influence on porosity determination can be hided by various petrophysical parameters such as shaliness, salinization, anhydritization etc. In the given work the technique by a quantitative estimation of porosity of fractures, vugs and intergrain porosity for carbonate reservoirs with difficult lithological structure on complex sonic logging- neutron gamma-ray logging is offered. For the correct decision of the assigned task it is necessary to make "adjustment" of the stated algorithm for those wells where full formation evaluation methods was executed.It is showed that using given method obtained results reliably represent geological features of considered field.


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