In this work present the method of geological modeling of fractured carbonate reservoirs by the example of Hasyreyskoye field in Timan-Pechora basin. This type of reservoirs has two components of the pore space – matrix and fractures. Two methods were be used for creating this geological model of the reservoir. Modeling of the matrix part include the sequence stratigraphy method of study the geological section using the core and well data. The sequence stratigraphy method has allowed more precise relationship between porosity and permability by the facies. The modeling of discrete fracture network was be used for creating of fractured part of reservoir. Seismic and well data (FMI) were be used for modeling of fractures. As result both created models were be integrated in the united fluid-flow model for making technological decisions. Represented method may be recommended for modeling of such type of reservoirs with the object of accurate definition of subsurface geology and optimization of exploitation system


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