Till now, no mathematical model is presented to model the flow under sonic field be applied in fractured reservoirs. This will be more noticeable when we bear in mind that several reservoirs in Middle East region are fractured. In this work the effects of elastic waves on capillary trapping and mobility of Bingham plastic fluids in fractures have been investigated. Eventually, a model for predicting the influence range of the wave in fractured reservoirs is presented. The results of this study clarified that radiation of wave with low frequency and intensity extremely increases the flow rate and decreases the minimum pressure gradient required for flow of Bingham plastic fluids in fractured porous media. In addition, the fractional flow of Bingham plastic fluid is increased dramatically. Further, it is shown that the effect of elastic wave is of less importance in higher pressure gradients. Finally, according to this mathematical study, it has been observed that this technology would not be applicable in high pressure fractured reservoirs.


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