The Ministry of Natural Recourses exposes new blocks for licensing for exploration and production rights on a regular basis. For the course of the last two years, we carried out monitoring and analysis of this licensing activity. For this purpose, a huge amount of geological and geophysical data was collected, including information about wells, structure maps, maps of seismic coverage, the pipeline net and more. Working with such big data volumes creates specific problems in terms of representation, storage, accessibility and visualization. To handle these data appropriately, we adapted the ARCGIS software complex. The application of GIS for monitoring the licensing activity enables a fairly speedy evaluation of the main parameters of a certain region. The data are stored in separate layers, which can be piled, so that the user can represent any type and any size of data in any desired combination. So one can combine, e.g., the existing infrastructure and data representing the exploration history as input for an economical evaluation model of the license block under consideration.


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