The analysis of gravity anomalies (scale 1:25 000) in researched site was carried out with the purpose of revealing and mapping of oil and gas perspective objects in a sedimentations. By results of seismic researches of prospect of this area is correlate to HC traps in ust-Pechora carbonate upper devonian sedimentations within the limits of a zone assumed (prospective) of organogenous constructions. The basic problem of interpretation of gravitational anomalies was the task of revealing and mapping of reefs and connected with them decompactions – potential HC traps. The prospects of the decision of this task were estimated proceeding from results of researches of gravitational fields above buried reefs constructions in various oil-bearing areas. Revealed thus by the numerous researchers of law of display of reefs in gravitational fields testify as to potential opportunities of gravity by searches of buried reefs, and allow to make a choice of techniques of interpretation of a gravitational field.


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