Plenty theoretical and experimental researches (lab and field) of the fields of main pipeline have been done. These researches allowed us to work out and scientifically prove the methods of the geophysical monitoring of technical state of underground pipelines. The forecast of probability of corrosion is carried out with the help of the expert-analytical system, which is based on the following factors: pipeline damage reasons; hypotheses about corrosion reasons; analysis of electromagnetic fields; experience estimates of the probability of each factor influencing pipe corrosion. The model contains the database, knowledge base, mathematical block of interpretation of the data and simulation modeling and more than 250 rules. It operates on 15 factors, which one exercise influence on corrosion. The inference is made up on the basis of researches by the complex of geophysical methods. The conclusion Features of the designed hardware - methodical complex - high efficiency, possibility of year-round operation under any conditions of ground connections, low cost. It can precede usage of expensive methods of a defectoscopy. The facilities - methodical complex has passed trace trials on mains of Russia.


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