Techniques of realization of activities and construction of the contour maps by different organizations results in discrepancies up to 60 мс, that considerably influences selfdescriptiveness of cards. As a result of realization of generalizing seismic works and the prospecting drillings were built summary cards on reflecting horizons A, Т, АВ1_3, БВ6, scheme of the lithofacies analysis АВ1_3 and БВ6, mapped perspective objects in different stratum levels, the guidelines on realization of further researches are given. The construction of unified geologic model, on the basis of quality shooting 3D, will allow to code opening-ups of perspective objects and allocation of prime zones for a bringing into development. Should to provide fulfilment of special techniques permitting to reveal nature of mapping in a record of a wave field change reservoir properties of a seam and to estimate emanation’s sataiation, different kinds of the dynamic analysis of a seismic record, realization of the attribute analysis on the basis of optimal of correlation relations between attributes of a seismic record and development survey parameters


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