Mass movements of soil and rocks rank first among natural disasters in Eastern Blacksea region. (Eastern Turkey). So far, a great number of mass movements have occurred in Trabzon and its region, causing fatalities and extensive damage. Landslides, the most common type of mass movement, are especially formed in periods of heavy rainfall and in sharp relief. It has a deep impact on the economic and social life of local people because it generates a lot of casualties and has negative effects on residential areas. For instance, the 1988 Çatak Landslide caused 63 deaths and destroyed 13 buildings. In this study, the distribution of local landslides, their causes and their effects on the natural environment, the vegetation, the economy and people have been researched. It has been concluded that weathering is the leading reason for the occurrence of local landslides. The importance of geophysics in landslide surveys has been investigated. Geophysical measurements enabled the identification of the structural properties of the surface, sliding surface and underground water situation, which cannot be determined from surface observations. Then, the types of movements on the slope and their mechanisms were identified, which helped to take preventive measures against sliding.


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