In this work we present some results of the joint interpretation of airborne magnetic survey and gamma-ray spectrometry with ground magnetic, induced polarization (IP) and geochemical survey applied to exploration of Chipchicon gold deposit in Burjatia Republic. The main goal of this investigation was to find out both the exposed and buried gold ore zones and to estimate their size using complex approach to interpretation of geochemical and geophysical data gained with various scale surveys. The gamma-ray spectrometry data were applied to mapping of areas of hydrothermal-metasomatic alteration that could be promising for revelation of a copper gold porphyry deposit. In the course of IP and magnetic data zoning some areas were distinguished that could be associated with vein-stockwerk, vein-impregnation and porphyry ore bodies. The results of 2-D inversion of IP tomography manifest the most obvious correlation to Au and Cu anomalies. As a result of the joint analysis of the geochemical and geophysical data some petrophysical and geochemical characteristics were marked out that could point to presence of a high-grade gold deposit.


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