The Siberian platform is one of the high-prospect oil-and-gas bearing regions of Siberia. Numerous direct oil and gas shows and a number of gas (Kovyktinskoe, Chayandinskoe) and oil (Yurubchenskoe-Takhomskoe, Kuyumbinskoe, Verkhnechonskoe, Talakanskoe) fields discovered within the platform lead support to the high prospects for oil and gas. Despite intensive geological and geophysical studies, the Earth’s crust of extensive Russia’s territories, such as the Siberian platform, including its areas of junction with the West-Siberian plate, still remain to be studied by deep seismic methods. Because of this, it is very urgent to improve seismic-refraction methods for regional studies of the Earth’s crust in regions difficult of access and data processing and interpretation techniques based on seismic tomography.The areas of junction of the West-Siberian plate with the Siberian platform were studied with the developed procedures. A rather dense network of regional seismic profiles made it possible to elucidate its deep structure with a high degree of reliability, i.e. to construct relief maps over the surface of consolidated crust and Moho discontinuity, to draw up charts over surfaces of rocks of basic and granulitic composition, boundary velocities on the Moho discontinuity.


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