When geological structure of oil and gas areas is examined with distance methods, it is important to consider the influence of the most changing upper part of the profile by use of static adjustments. Usually, if geological conditions were complex, the additional special field works are performed for examination of upper part of the profile, including microseismic survey of boreholes and observations by use of method of refracted waves. The alternative could be seismic tomography method of examining the velocities characteristics of upper part of the profile based on the data of first arrival of longitudinal waves. Particularly, this approach may be useful when the detailed area observations are obtained in regions characterized by complex and fast varying structure of upper part of the profile, i.e. regions with permafrost, with trappean tectonics, on the saliferous areas, in areas of large fractures. In this work the results of studying of velocity structure of the upper part of the East-Kamchatka though which obtained using seismic tomography processing of data gathered during the regional seismic observations (2005 – 2006) by “SNIIGGiMS” and “Kamchatgeologiya” are given.


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