The multi-frequent electromagnetic method of the hydrocarbons fields prospecting and delineation is presented in this paper. Its possibilities and advantages are showed. New technical solutions during the apparatus realization of the method have allowed ensuring high accuracy of the boundaries determination and hydrocarbon field identification authenticity, and decreasing time expenditures on the survey works conduction and field material processing as well. The physical frameworks of the method have been worked out by V.N. Moskvichev and are based on the hydrocarbon field electrodynamic model created by him. The model reveals the mechanisms of ionic movements along current lines upward from the hydrocarbon field to the oxygen saturation level. The electrochemical processes model inside and above the hydrocarbon field is derivative from V.N. Moskvichev’s electrodynamic model. In the electric field created by the atmosphere - hydrocarbon field system, there occur regular chemical processes caused by the substance transference in the ionic state. The constant particles flow and connected with it electrochemical processes occurring in the near-field and above-field space form anomal electromagnetic field above the hydrocarbon field on the oxygen saturation level. This anomal electromagnetic field appears to be the main investigated object of the suggested method.


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