The method of transient electromagnetic sounding is widely applied at all stages of oil and gas studies. In the conditions of a difficult geological structure of the Siberian platform by means of electromagnetic exploration it is possible to conduct a sufficiently detailed study of the structure of a sedimentary cover and rocks of the base. However increasing requirements to quality of exploration results dictate the necessity of improvement and development of all elements of existing works technologies, and also development of the directions new studies. In these theses, some aspects of development of a technique and the TEM data interpretations are attended that have been lately put into operation. The use of networks with the raised spatial density of supervision allows for a very detailed study the image objects of the studies. One of the directions being developed is the estimation of the induced polarization influence which can serve as an additional informative characteristic that expands possibilities of geological interpretation of TEM data. An increase of method’s geological quality can also be reached by means of thin layer models at an inversion stage.


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