The use of CO2 for enhanced oil recovery of the Iranian oil reservoirs offers a unique opportunity to boost incremental oil recovery and reducing emissions of greenhouse gas through geological sequestration. In this paper, oil fields were screened and ranked for CO2 EOR suitability using new rapid and parametric method which can be applied to a large number of reservoirs with considering the technical feasibility of the EOR process and utilized eight essential reservoir properties: API gravity, oil saturation, ratio of reservoir pressure to minimum miscibility pressure (MMP), reservoir temperature, reservoir dip, net oil thickness, permeability and porosity via a developed program. By using this methodology, a systematic screening and ranking of all possible Iranian oil reservoirs was carried out. Evaluation and prediction of the efficiency of CO2 flooding technique were performed for candidate reservoirs by using an analytical method. In addition, a commercial stream-line type model was used to compare the results of this screening which clearly proves the pervious outcomes. Finally, best candidates were chosen by considering suitable distance from CO2 sources.


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