Matrix-fracture exchange term is an important parameter in simulation of NFR using double porosity concept. Matrix block located in gas-cap is going to be produced under gravity drainage retarded by capillary force. Hence, oil can be produced as long as gravitational force is greater than capillary force. Interaction of these forces which controls oil production from matrix block may be expressed by a factor named matrix-fracture transfer shape factor. Customarily, this factor has been used as history matching parameter because it isn’t still well understood and formulations used in commercial simulators arenot precise. Therefore, a mathematically derived shape factor reflecting gravity drainage behavior into exchange term using shape factor concept is essential. Traditionally, constant shape factor has been used in most of commercial reservoir simulators. Here, we use analytical modeling to develop a time dependent shape factor for gas-oil gravity drainage mechanism for a single matrix block in gas-cap. Obtained model is verified against several fine-grid numerical simulations as well as two major existing models being used in commercial simulators. Results obtained here will improve understanding of gas-oil gravity drainage in NFR and will find application in more accurate representation of process.


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