this method is error prone due to post-burial processes. Mineralised fractures (vein) attributes are good candidates as analogues for open fracture formed under in-situ conditions and to establish the relationship between length versus aperture and help to reveal the conditions at the time of their formation. Vein attributes were used to condition stochastic generation of fractures using the Discrete Fracture Network (DFN) code, FracMan. Comparison of water breakthrough time and oil saturation at breakthrough were then determined by applying constant pressure gradient for each realisation to simulate water-flooding numerical simulation using the combined finite element – finite volume method (FEM – FVM). Stochastic realisations were compared with the actual system. The results indicate that, depending on the variability of the above attributes, fluid flow in fractured rocks vary from pervasive where the fractures play subordinate role to a highly localised flow where most of the flow occurs through single or connected network.


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