Characterization of naturally fractured reservoirs is complicated. The reservoir model of such reservoirs must represent both fracture and matrix systems and interaction between the two. It is important to choose correct dual continuum model parameters to build the most representative of a fractured reservoir. In this study, we try to improve our understanding of interaction between matrix and fracture and how this can be captured by dual porosity/permeability model. We look at a homogeneous, a simple heterogeneous and a detailed pore-type based heterogeneous model. Fracture act as boundary conditions. First, interaction of forces during various depletion scenarios is studied. Then, oil recovery by gas/water injection is simulated in the fine scale. Dual continium models corresponding to the fine scale models have been built and it has been tried to achieve a good match between fine scale and dual continuum model, by adjusting dual continium model parameters. Observations from this study highlight the importance of capturing the fine scale heterogeneity in fractured reservoir modeling. Furthermore, the ability of reproducing fine scale results, by final simulation model will depend upon selected upscaling/coarsening methodology and how parameters of the coarse scale model are generated/tuned.


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