The results of the geological and geophysical and reconnaissance geoelectrical investigations in the perspective for the oil and gas areas in the Odessa, Kherson regions and Kerch peninsula are given. The express-technology of "direct" searching and prospecting for hydrocarbon deposits by geoelectric methods are used during this investigation. The technology includes the method of formation of short-pulsed electromagnetic field (FSPEF), flux-meter survey and method of vertical electric-resonance sounding (VERS). Integrated application of these methods allow to find and map the "deposit" type anomalies (DTA), and to define the total thickness and bedding depths of anomalous polarized layer (APL) of the "oil", "gas", "water" type. The analysis of available geologic-geophysical data, as well as the geoelectric studies results on the known deposit and perspective area of Black Sea onshore territory confirms repeatedly voiced suggestions about Azov and Black Sea region perspectives in plan of the finding and openings of large and average hydrocarbon reservoirs. It is reasonable to raise the intensity of prospecting geological-geophysical investigation for oil and gas in this region.


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