1.The Near Caspian hollow is developed as the uncompensated depression by deposits on Paleozoic top. Here there were large atoll like carbon bearing solid mass in height almost 1,5 km. Absence at their tops the top Paleozic adjourements are explained none sediment of deposits in connection with immersing of territory in the middle Bashkir, in low level of shallow carbon bearing sedimentation. 2. At the end of Sakmarian century right-hand displacement of Scythian-Turan plate in the western has blocked connection of Near-Caspian with Paleo-ocean Tethys, that in Kungurian century has led to accumulation of powerful salts. Therefore Average and Northern Caspian sea are as a part of Scythian-Turan plate. 3. In the end of Paleozoic Scythian-Turan plate has broken up and its Turan part on sinistral shift was displaced in a southeast. At this time there emerged a Caspian plate. 4. Orogen Caucasus has emerged lodged between plates - Caspian and Black Sea. The specified geodynamic events in the Caspian region were reflected in its oil and gas content features.


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