A source for hydrocarbon generation includes different phase changes whose effects result in radiating natural electromagnetic impulses of wide range frequencies (Sokolov, 1996; Bogdanov et al., 2001; Ablya et al., 2006). In contrast to a convenient technique, the multi-compositional analysis of radio wave background of the Earth (MARBE), for the first time, deals with signals from non-linear processes of this radiating which are registered with the innovative equipment “TEZEY” (Alyoshin and Bogdanov, 2004). A mathematical processing incorporates wavelet transformation, wavelet image of an electromagnetic signal, singular spectral analysis and pattern recognition method. The MARBE method has been successfully tested during searching for oil - and gas - bearing features at sea and land in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Peru in 1993-2007. Its efficiency is for once illustrated by a case study of hydrocarbon accumulations on the NW shelf of the Black Sea.


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