Pulsed neutron method of investigations in section of cased wells and a method of nuclear magnetic logging on a method of a free precession in the open trunk of wells are perspective methods at problem solving emanating benches of oil and gas, qualitative and their quantitative determination of reservoir properties. For last years with wide application of the new method of application of PNNL on various fields of Azerbaijan have been investigated more than 100 wells at mineralizing local waters from 10 up to 70 g/l and porosity of benches 10-25 % with performance up to 85 %.Studies of NML with application of device designed in Geophysics ETI and stations KEDR are held to last years on a line of Apsheron fields and adjoining water area.Joint interpretation of NML data and complex GRW allows to partition potentially productive and barren benches, to determine FFİ/Кpor as a measure of fluid potentially recovered from a bench and also permeability of bench Kper under approved formula Coates. Results of NML and other methods GRW are entered into a computer database in which one they are exposed to statistical treating and analysis.


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