The purpose of present researches was study of possibility application of ferments – Vegetable base for purification of industrial waste waters, containing phenols, aromatic compounds mineral admixtures and hydrocarbons of oil fractions. With this purpose, in laboratory conditions the researches by extraction of ferment (protein compound) from vegetation. Have been conducted. As a vegetation it was been declared sensible use of wide spread gourd of horse-radish with following extraction from it of ferment – peroxydaze. Further the dry substance (horse-radish) has been crushed on small parts, has with been diluted by water and has been mixed during 3 hours until getting suspension. Then by centrifuging the ferment-peroxydaze of horse-radish has been separated. Since duration of ferment activity makes no more than 30 days, its activity has been examined by photocalorimeter daily and depending on the dose has been established in conducted researches. Obtained ferment – peroxydaze of horse – radish has been used for removal the aromatic hydrocarbons from aqueous part of oil-slime, selected from Binagadi field. The obtained results testify, that a waste water from oil-slime after biochemical working with remove of aromatic hydrocarbons may be use in technical water supply.


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