The Saharan Triassic Province was the subject of many works dealing with geophysics and geology; they have always been insufficient compared to the surface of the Province. This work was not always exploited in an optimal and rigorous way. In fact, they are only related to levels representing an oil interest, with the detriment of the remainder which is also significant and one thus notices great insufficiencies in structural and stratigraphic analyses. The application of the results obtained during the faciologic analysis, starting from the data of the logs available at the level of the formations of Triassic of Hassi R' Mel made it possible, first, to define ten electro facies (Sandstone, argillaceous, Dolomite and evaporates as well as the presence of dolerite and clays), on the level of the wells of the zone of study.In one second stage, after development of a model , and to have checked it on other surveys, a semi-automatic processing data was carried out on 7 other drillings (Hr-81, Hr-78, Hr-52, Hr-55, Hr-23 and Hr-30).


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