The study of a Taman peninsula geological structure is carried out on the basis of use of set of the geophysical data, that raises completenes and unambiguity of the decision. First of all, this increase of reliability of allocation of geophysical anomalies on a background of handicapes and more authentic estimation of a geological nature of the allocated anomalies. The basis of a geophysical complex on petroleum and gas prospect is a complex of a seismic with gravity. Described research were carried out on the basis of the analysis and new interpretation given precision gravitational observed data of scale 1:25 000, seismic 2D and 3D and drilling. As a result of the carried out works on the basis of the gravity are predicted perspective concerning detection of a HC zone. The connection of gravitational maxima with tops of high Cretaceous raisings is confirmed. On the basis of a complex of the data are constructed the predict scheme in scale 1:25 000.


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