Regional estimates of geological storage capacity included integration of knowledge on the subsurface with a unified way of calculating the capacity in HC fields, regional saline aquifers (basin-wide sedimentary bodies saturated with brine) and coal beds. One way to calculate the effective storage capacity was agreed upon as an attempt to accommodate for highly differentiated geological conditions and assumptions that had to be taken due to scarce data. In the main sedimentary basins of Spain there is a high potential for CO2 storage and another opportunity is seen in ECBM development in the NW coal basins. In Italian sedimentary basins with different geological composition country-wide estimates still have to be made. However, depleted oil fields offer an opportunity to plan pilot injections. In Slovenia, potential storage locations in aquifers have been found, some with significant estimated storage potential but with very few reliable subsurface data. Potential storage in unmineable coal layers deserves therefore additional attention. As for Croatia, a history of O&G industry and resulting data, combined with relatively favourable natural conditions enabled estimates of significant capacity in the SW part of the Pannonian basin, and likely also in the Northern Adriatic off-shore.


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