PICOREF (Pilote pour l'Injection de CO2 dans les Réservoirs géologiques perméables, En France, 2006-2008) is a R&D project supported by the French National Research Agency and by a consortium of French companies, research institutions and academic laboratories. This project aimed, in particular, at developing a methodology for site selection and characterization in deep saline aquifers for CO2 geological storage. In the Paris basin, two saline aquifers are considered to be potential candidates for CO2 geological storage: Dogger limestones and Triassic sandstones. Geological investigations were conducted to characterize these target aquifers. They mainly consist of: - wells interpretation to identify geological and hydrogeological units, - the reprocessing and interpretation of additionnal seismic lines to characterize the geometry of the geological formations, - fault network updating. These studies provided data for the construction of a 3D geometric model (about 90 x 90 km²), which was built from Trias base up to topographic surface. Main geological and hydrogeological units were considered. This 3D model was then used in the process of site selection by providing thickness maps and for CO2 injection simulations by giving 3D geometry of the main considered surfaces.


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