Ten million tonnes of CO2 have been injected into Utsira Fm. at the Sleipner field since 1996. The site has been regularly monitored by 4D seismic and gravity data, and these have revealed the geometry and volume of the plume. Five vintages of seismic data show bright CO2 reflections and clear time-delay below the plume. Most of the CO2 is still accumulating at lower levels, and only 4% had reached the top of the Utsira Fm. by 2006. The plume is extending NNE-SSW, following the topography of the topmost sand. Some smaller amount has passed a spill point of the primary anticline, and started to fill the next anticline to the north. Best estimate of average density is 760 kg/m3, suggesting that the CO2 is in dense phase in the reservoir. Estimated lower density and higher temperature near the well perforation suggest significant spatial gradients. There are no indications of leakage of CO2 into the overburden shales.


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