In the paper the problem of effectiveness of seismic profiling of attenuation and velocity of refracted P-wave in coal-seam along mining excavation in conditions of coal-seam edge impact has been presented. For practical use of seismic attenuation profiling, special measurement and interpretation methodology has been prepared. The measure of calculated attenuation is the value of attenuation coefficient based on determination of amplitude of refracted P-wave. In the paper examples of attenuation coefficient and velocity of refracted wave changes in the zones of exploitation seam edge in one of the Polish coal mines have been described. The usefulness of attenuation coefficient for such analysis has been underlined due to its greater sensitivity for changes of the state of stress and deformation in coal-seam comparing to changes of refracted P-wave velocity. It is shown that attenuation can be an interesting parameter complementary to refracted wave velocity in coal-seam, especially in high stress conditions.


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